Our mission is to promote and stimulate self-discovery through interactive play and learning experiences, which will enhance every child’s understanding of his or her global community.

Kay county is a great place! it needs all of us to continue to be amazing for our future generations:


  • Children need to have fun learning and interacting

  • Children are curious & creative and must explore

  • Children can succeed if they have a destination in mind

No two children are exactly the same! Yet they all need a place to play big, imagine and learn how things work. That’s why we created an environment rich with interaction, education and experience. Exploration Destination allows kids to experience life like environments while playing, interacting and exploring!

We also believe that Kay county will continue to become an even better place if we, as its residents, decide to work on our dreams. We believe in dreaming big, working together and making our home the best it can be! 

THE parent is the first educator


As your child's first teacher, they want to learn, play and interact with you and around you. We know this can become overwelming to try to stimulate your children in an environment abundant in great fun and education. We invite you to bring your children and join with us and our facility where this becomes possible!

Exploration Destination is all about families, fun and learning! We are all about helping you and your family grow and enjoy Kay county!